68454 Huffy/Spalding 54" Backboard Portable Basketball Goal

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Model 68454 is now available in tempered glass – the same material used in High School, College, and the NBA. Bring quality playing to the comfort of your own driveway.

The convenience of this high-end model makes it especially popular among teenagers and collegiate players.

68454 Backboard Specs:

  • Backboard dimensions: 54 inches W
  • Backboard material: transparent tempered glass.
  • Tempered glass is the same material used in the NBA

68454 Rim/Hoop Specs:

  • Steel regulation size 18” diameter Rim.
  • Rim Color: Orange
  • Hardware Configuration: Pro Image Compression Spring for competitive dunking.
  • Net Hooks: Steel (not clip-on) welded net hooks for net attachment.
  • Net: All-weather white net.

68454 Pole Specs:

  • Pole Diameter: 4” square pole (standard size is 3.5” round)
  • Pole Material: Steel with powder-coated paint finish to prevent rust
  • Pole Color: Black
  • Main pole shape: round.
  • Main pole structure: 3 pieces with top pole cap to prohibit rain water.

68454 Adjustment Mechanism:

  • Height adjustment name: Screw Jack lift.
  • Metal handle crank on back of pull. Turning handle circularly raises or lowers depending on turning directions.
  • Screw Jack uses tested and familiar technology to raise and lower the backboard.
  • Adjustment Increments: Rim height adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in any in-between increment stopping instantly when you stop turning the handle.
  • Adjustment Height: lowest height is 7.5 accommodating the average 6 year old and highest height 10’ which is High School/NBA regulation height.

68454 Portable Base Specs:

  • Base Material: High-impact blow molded plastic.
  • Built in rebounder from base.
  • Fill Material: 40 gallons of water or sand. Fill plug on top and drain plug on side for portability. About 50% of water must be drained to easily move around. Replacement caps available.
  • Wheels: 2 wheels in front. Tipping forward allows the hoop to roll to another location. Replacement bases available.

Other Specs

  • Warranty: 5-years manufacturer’s warranty. Copy of receipt required. Rims and backboards damaged from falling over are not covered. Please ensure you follow the owner’s manual instructions to prevent the 68454 bball goal from falling over.
  • Footprint dimensions: n/a
  • Shipping Time: 5-7 days from time of purchase. Delivered FedEx – no signature required. Tracking automatically emailed to customer.
  • Shipped dimensions: 56.30 inches L x 36.70 inches W x 18.90 inches H.


Spalding Portable Basketball Hoops 68454 54 inch Glass Backboard Goal


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Here are the instructions for the spalding basketball goal model 68454. Average assembly takes 2.5 hours with two people.
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