Basketball Pole Pads

Don't let unnecessary bruises and bumps mess with your game; use a safety pole pad. Post pads lower the impact dangers with the pole. With a post pad, you can stay clear of additional, needless impact dangers throughout aggressive games of basketball. Many post pads quickly attach to your pole with velcro bands and are developed for indoor and exterior use. Pole pads will provide you with years of protection from those hard knocks. Invest in your safety with Lifetime's and Spalding's pole pads for your basketball system.


Do you need safety padding protection for the pole on your system or would you need an existing pole pad replaced? Check out some great pole pad options below.

Competitive Edge Products, Inc:

Mammoth Basketball Accessories 0645 Pole Pad For 5 x 5 Basketball Pole
Product: 0645 Mammoth Pole Pad Accessory, 5 X 5 Pole Pad for 98854, 98856, 98860, 98862 basketball goal Poles on Mammoth Basketball Systems and 98865 Mammoth Basketball Goals.Mammoth 0645 Pad Pole Padding Features: Lifetime Mammoth Goal Pad Protects ...[Read More] Our Price: $69.99 [Add to Cart]

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Lifetime Basketball Accessories 0602 Black 3.5 in. Round Pole Pad
Rundown Protect players from impacting directly with the pole of your basketball system with this 0602 basketball pole pad from the Lifetime Products. This pole pad fits 3.5 inch round poles and covers 48 inches of vertical pole distance. Made with a...[Read More] Our Price: $25.97 [Add to Cart]

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Lifetime Mammoth Basketball Pole Pad - 0647 Protection Cover
Rundown Dress up your current basketball system by giving it a professional look while increasing player safety and protection! This 0647 Mammoth basketball hoop pole pad helps protect players from direct impact with the pole. With foam measuring 4.5...[Read More] Our Price: $129.99 [Add to Cart]

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Basketball 8056 Spalding Basketball Pole Pads For 5-6 In Square Poles
RundownPrevent injuries while playing basketball with this attractive 1.5 inch thick Premium Black Pole Pad. The Spalding 8056 pole pad is covered in black nylon to provide a nice weather proof pole pad with an authentic NBA screened logo. Replaced 2...[Read More] Our Price: $71.48 [Add to Cart]

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Goalsetter Pad Basketball Accessories PC824 Fitted Square Pole Pad
Product: Goalsetter Basketball Accessories Basketball Custom Fitted Pole Padding. The green color will resume shipping around September 5, 2016. Shipping Included in the price when shipped to the contiguous 48 United States.Designed to fit 5 and 6 sq...[Read More] Our Price: $189.99 [Add to Cart]

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Spalding Replacement Pole Pads For Basketball Systems

View more detailed Spalding replacement pole pad details.  Also view more detailed Lifetime replacement pole pad details.

Lifetime Replacement Pole Pads

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