Portable Basketball Selection Guide

The fact that your basketball system may be in your driveway for 10 plus years underscores the importance in choosing the portable hoop that's right for your family. 


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What portable basketball system do you see in most driveways?


Most driveways have a 48"-52" size backboard with an XL base.  Almost all portable basketball hoops you'll find in a driveway are adjustable - either by means of using a convenient handle or the traditional broomstick adjustment mechanism. 


How much money should I expect to pay on a portable basketball goal for my home?


The average hoop is intermediate and costs about $300.  That gets you around a clear 52" size board, a nice handle in the back to raise it up and down, and a large base for stability.


The beginner hoop that is often purchased for younger kids or driveways with limited space cost about $175.  These include non-transparent 44" wide backboards, with telescoping adjustable poles, and regular size bases.


The advanced hoop can cost up to $1,000 for a 60" glass, but averages closer to $450 for most 54" acrylic systems.  Popular amongst teenagers and adults playing recreational, high school, and college ball.


Should I choose a Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop or a Portable Spalding/Huffy Basketball Hoop?


Both brands are fantastic.  Otherwise, we wouldn't carry them.  Believe it or not most driveways in America sport a Lifetime Brand basketball hoop though the logo may say Atlas, Reebok, ProCourt, QuickCourt, etc.  Even some Spalding hoops were manufactured by Lifetime Products, Inc.  Most of Lifetime's hoops are made in the USA whereas the Spalding/Huffy brand hoops are imported from China.  Both have incredible quality control, warranties, and fantastic customer service.  Spalding is the official manufacturer of the NBA Ball and hoops.


Lifetime Portable Systems


Moveable systems have the advantage of being straightforward to move and relocate attributable to the roller base style. Simply fill the bottom with sand or water for stability. they will be resettled from area, to driveway, to cul-de-sac. The bases area unit classified by gallon capability, however the subsequent could be a conversion from gallons to lbs thus you have got a thought of what proportion sand you'd need:

10 gals of water=107 lbs of sand

12 gals of water=128.5 lbs of sand

27 gals of water=289 lbs of sand

31 gals of water=332 lbs of sand

35 gals of water=375 lbs of sand



Glass vs Acrylic vs Polycarbonate


this picture illustrates the rebound difference between different material surfaces on a portable basketball system. The picture shows an inground system, but the concept is the same between surfaces. There is a significant trade-off between each of them. The least expensive option is the polycarbonate. However, don't be deceived. Poly carbonate is amazingly strong. You cannot even break it with a baseball bat.

Acrylic is fantastic. It is considered the middle of the road surface for portable basketball goal. It is the next best thing to glass. It is not as strong as poly carbonate, however it is much quieter in the rebound is nicer.

Glass is the best choice for a portable basketball system. It is also the most expensive option. Most driveways do not have glass. People generally prefer acrylic in the intermediate line, or poly carbonate in the beginners line.

All of the material weathers very well. That is, all of them have UV protectants in the material that protected from the sun and harsh weather. The matter which service you choose for your portable basketball system they will all last you around 10 years or so.

Please be careful to make sure that they do not fall over in a windstorm. Please check out our winterizing tips as well for more information.

Also, please view our lifetime basketball hoop selection guide if you want more help selecting the system by that great manufacturer.

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