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74560 Spalding The Beast Basketball System
Competitive Edge Products, Inc is pleased to offer the famous Spalding "The Beast" Portable Basketball Hoop - 60" Glass Backboard. While most every other consumer end basketball producer does not generate a portable basketball hoop backboard larger than 54 inches made of glass, the Spalding model 74560 portable basketball system includes a 60 inch glass backboard. Glass is a premium product to similar backboard sizes made in acrylic or polycarbonate since glass provides you a much better rebound similar to just what is utilized in a college or even pro setting. The 60 inch backboard dimension gets you as close a regulation sized backboard as you could on a portable system. The Pro-Image breakaway rim helps withstand aggressive play. This basketball system is specifically popular amongst high school and also college basketball players and also instructors. Amongst the backboard being made of toughened up glass this basketball system will play really near just what your high school and recreation facility boards play.
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61259 Huffy 44in Superior Eco-Composite Portable Mobile Basketball Goal
We are happy to present the excellent Huffy 44" Advanced Eco-Composite Portable Basketball System.The 61259 from Spalding / Huffy is a fantastic basketball device at a wonderful rate. Each 61259 basketball system features a 44" fan-shaped Eco-Composite backboard, and a basic rim. Its additionally hassle-free as well as simple to put together with a three piece, 2" size pole as well as a 26 gallon base that fills with sand or water.
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Basketball Hoop Assembly Service
Competitive Edge Products is pleased to offer a third party Basketball Hoop Assembly service for your portable or inground basketball hoop. Enjoy the convenience of having a professional installer install your portable or inground basketball hoop for you.
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